With the abundance of internal controls, records management policies, and compliance laws such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley, many organizations are faced with an inordinate amount of paper.

Docu-Trust provides a wide variety of offsite records storage solutions for paper records, microfilm, X-ray, dental molds, digital data, and much more.

Docu-Trust’s archival storage solutions, coupled with industry-leading inventory management and Scan-on-Demand retrieval services, are an extension of your filing/storage rooms and provide a cost-effective partnership for operational growth and success.

Free Records Management Software
Offsite records storage and records management services provide customers with the freedom to utilize space efficiently, gain profitability, and ensure secure, reliable access when necessary. Our software offers:

  • Control Security - Control User Access

  • Managing costs by evaluating storage inventory.

  • Know when documents are ready for elimination and ensure it is destroyed correctly.

  • Access and modify data through the web module, to have complete control of your data and documents.

  • Web Module user tour

Security and Peace of Mind
Docu-Trust’s Records Storage Center is continually monitored by professional security services, and is closed to the general public. Facility entrances are secured at all times, and all approved visitors require registration prior to gaining escorted entry into the facility. To further ensure record safety and protection, only authorized, Docu-Trust staff have access to customer records, and all employees are held to the highest of confidentiality and ethical standards.


Scan-on-Demand services provide customers the cost-saving benefits of offsite storage along with immediate secure access.

"When we decided to go paperless the idea of scanning our backlog of paper was overwhelming. Docu-Trust help cut our scanning budget by 80% using scan-on-demand. So rather then scanning everything upfront, we store it with Docu-Trust and scan it when we need it, one file at a time. We have found that we really only touch 10% of our old files, the other 90% just sits there until we can shred them."

Upon request by authorized personnel, Docu-Trust can scan, index, and deliver the requested documents electronically within one hour via Docu-Trust’s secure web portal.

Simply pay as you go and begin building a document imaging archive. We will host the electronic documents for downloading until the document completes it retention period.

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