The first step in assuring recoverability is a well planned off-site data storage program. Docu-TRUST offers scheduled service, 24/7 Web access, and a secured environment.

Information Security for the Digital Age
Information is your company’s lifeblood. To protect your information assets, and your company’s future, you can rely on Docu-TRUST.

We are the industry leader in providing efficient and cost-effective off-site data storage solutions. We have seceral clients in the Southern California area that do business with confidence thanks to Docu-TRUST's commitment to excellent service and innovative technology.

Docu-TRUST’s proprietary technology enables us to offer you more efficient and cost-effective management of your off-site data. We utilize a powerful application for managing commercial media storage.

Docu-TRUST Facility
The utmost in security and environmental protection. Secure storage space features controlled access, motion detection, and 24 hour monitoring of both the access control system and the fire detection system. Ideal storage conditions are maintained with respect to temperature and humidity control.

Docu-TRUST Service Features

  • Scheduled Pickups and rotations of critical backups
  • Ideal vault storage environment
  • 24/7 Web Access Service
  • Trained Staff Couriers
  • Sophisticated bar code based inventory control
  • Multi-tiered authorization protocol



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